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Amigo and Amigo, an interactive lighting and design studio from Australia, have raised public awareness around Alzheimers disease by crafting an explosive and intimate sculptural masterpiece, currently exhibiting in Auckland’s very own Aotea Sqaure.


Simply walking past the sculpture is captivating, as you see the transitions of soft pastel light colours and its increasing vibrancy as the sun goes down. The interactive experience really doesn’t compare once you are inside though, and immersed in its abstract structure - that of which emulates a human brain with Alzheimers.


The large-scale, puzzling sculpture has been created with the initial intentions of bringing fun and interconnectivity into the community, but Amigo and Amigo have achieved way more than this. Based on the mere amount of people walking in and out on the opening night - aside from the exemplary formal execution, these designers have nailed their concept on the head.


Alzheimers affects 40,746 people in New Zealand and is unfortunately affecting more and more of our community each day. A medical area seldom discussed, especially within the younger generation, this installation provides Auckland with an informed and intimate experience of the disease through touch, sight and sound.


Take a stroll down to Aotea Square between 5-11pm each night to experience one of Amigo and Amigo’s traveling spectacles - a sight and sound not to be missed.


Also check out Amigo and Amigo here; inspiring for any designer nerd.

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