Alex Williamson's 'Open Up' : : Comedy Fest

“Any other sick fucks in the crowd tonight?” A simple opening interaction – when met with rapturous agreement from the boozed up crowd - that aptly summarizes the next hour of your life.


Alex Williamson, formally known as the Loosest Aussie Bloke, is the rare comedian whose stories you hope are not true, for if they were, he would well and truly be sentenced to life with no parole. With over 2 million social media followers, Williamson has quickly risen to fame through his particular, niche brand of humour – and trust me, it is niche; do NOT attend his shows if you are unaware of how overwhelmingly politically incorrect this Aussie favourite is.


For if you do choose to watch his show, Open Up, you’ll be offered a brief look into the inner thoughts of Williamson, touching on stories of bestiality, sex, and drug culture, all told with copious amounts of profanity, and frequently mixed in with the presence of teenage children. But behind this devilishness, is a careful mind – he finds issues in the aspects of life we commonly adhere to, and exposes them for their faults. His delivery may be polarizing, but his wit is ever-present.


In the process of the hour long show, he takes stabs at the Kim Kardashian’s of this world, his appreciation for Rolf Harris – his nation’s ‘lovable paedophile’, and sings a song about the panic at a house party when the drugs run dry. His derogatory bogan behaviour struck a chord with the crowd, resulting in an atmosphere in which he thrived in.


This form of observational humour is in complete contrast to what can ever be offered by the ‘safe’ comedy offered on commercial TV or radio, and, it’s this particular sense of humour that has so clearly attracted to him so many around the world. Known to many around the world as the ‘Bogan Aussie commentator’, his football commentary has had many people declaring that ‘this is the future of sports commentary’.


And for a show with such an engaging audience, Williamson manages to keep in control of the room. If entering with an open mind and an intoxicated mind, there’s plenty to love here – the majority of the room were in fits of laughter throughout the show, with only the slightest lulls detracting from a cohesive performance. He knows his audience, and the audience know him. It’s the sort of camaraderie every comedian dreams of; what a f****d up world we live in.




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