Artist spotlight : : Aminé

It was a pretty dingy cold night in Portland, Oregon; toward the end of an incredibly boozy thanksgiving weekend, two-thirds of the way through a gin and tonic, and deeper into yelling “thick as fuck oh my god” than I am proud of; when I met Adam Daniel. Middle name Aminé, the guy was across the bar with his mates, rapping Caroline under his breath. Donning a yellow tee shirt and crazy dreaded black hair atop of his then-22 year old head, Adam responded to my question; “are you rapping along to your own song right now?” with:

“You wouldn’t?”

Class act.

Having been thrust into stardom through his own talent alone, Adam Daniel has bounced between single releases and Late night show performances, while riding out the immense fraternity popularity of Caroline to arrive at the release of his debut album "Good For You" last week, cover adorned with a very nude Adam Daniels sitting in a very yellow frame dropping (what I’m hoping isn’t) a very yellow deuce.

We wanted to highlight Aminé for two reasons, his hype-ability, and his raw talent. For someone so fresh onto the scene it isn't difficult to place a finger on why he his so popular. Caroline takes beat fetishism and sets it up to perform at its best, Caroline demonstrates his natural understanding of how lyric and beat can weave with an ebb and flow, Heebejeebies takes vocal and lyrical flexibility to create a vibe-ey wave of a track with Khelani, on Sundays he manages to pull modern soul legend Leon Bridges as a backing vocal, or he manages to get Disclosure to produce the Blinds. I put Aminé in the same league as the KAYTRANADA’s and the Anderson .Paak’s, and the Goldlink’s. Not because of immense rapping talent; he will never be up there with Kendrick or J. Cole, I don't think, I also don't think he wants to be; he takes this holistic approach to hip-hop with lyrical poise and stylistic integrity, to produce a banana-obsessed, extremely catchy, I-dont-really-care-if-you-like-it-because-I-do, flamboyance, the album dripping in creative freedom. No-one can touch this guy, and no-one wants to, he's one of the nicest dudes on the planet. You don't mess with that.

Check out the new album on Spotify, or Apple Music. Amine is eating bananas on Instagram here.

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