Okay, so summer is pretty much over (praying hand emoji) and as much as I love summer activities and longer days I’m not quite the biggest fan of extreme heat waves. Anyway, a new season has crept up on us, which means it's time to ditch your favourite summer dresses and shorts and invest in some staple pieces for Fall. If I could describe my style in one word, it would be comfort (okay maybe two words – basic comfort). So these are my basic and versatile staple garments that transform day to night with very little to no effort.



Every girl needs a leather jacket; however finding the perfect leather jacket can be a struggle – and the struggle is real. A cropped biker (fitted) leather jacket is ideal for every shape and size and I can guarantee you it’ll look good with anything you throw on (maybe not everything, but you get the drift). My ultimate favourite is the Acne Studios Mock Black jacket, but if you’re opting for a more reasonable price then Topshop’s Neat Fit leather jacket and H&M pieces also serve the same purpose.



  Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 5.30.34 pmScreen Shot 2015-03-18 at 5.31.46 pm





I am a big endorser of a good wide leg pant, and after months of searching for the perfect pair I found my mum’s old suit pants, which quite frankly I’ve found myself wearing nearly every day. However, after some vigorous online searching I found a pair that I think is pretty close to perfect, and the fact that they’re affordable I can’t advertise enough. I came across this brand on Instagram (surprise surprise) and after sussing their website I was instantly hooked. They are all about basic, affordable and timeless pieces and I mean… what else could you want? Anyway, I’m rattling on, the brand is called House of Sunny so I highly recommend y’all check it out.



 House Of Sunny - Matte Black Cigarette Pants  £69GBP




It’s time to ditch your crop tops and gather your shirts! Oversized shirts are a must-have this coming season, and you can get them anywhere, seriously. Second hand shops, men’s clothing stores, your zaddy’s closet (aka your man’s closet), paired with a wide legged pant, a pair of skinny jeans, a tailored maxi skirt with a pair of your sneakers… the options are honestly endless.







This season, I say replace your heels/ sandals etc. with a pair of kicks – it’s all about comfort in 2015. It took me weeks to decide on a pair of sneakers, or for all the Aussies out there “runners”. I decided on the Reebok Classics and it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I don’t care what anyone says, sneakers go with anything and everything; from pants to skirts to dresses, it all depends on what you pair them with. For my last staple piece for this Autumn I highly recommend y’all invest in some of these.






Cover photo is Phillip Lim's Fall 2015 take.

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