Barbershop Culture

Walking the streets, one can feel the growing prominence of barbershops and their unique culture. I do not say that because there are a number of them popping up everywhere, but the well-groomed, maintained haircuts and fades are increasing in presence. Guys are trading their long locks for slick, flawless styles and the culture is thriving, especially among youth. I'm all for it.

The history of barbershops and the culture goes back to the late 1800s to the 1940s. This was considered the golden age, where visiting your local was not just to get a cut. It was a place of belonging, a cultured hub where you would go sometimes on a daily basis even if it were just to talk shop. Shortly after this era, barbershops saw a decline as brands like Gillette began mass-producing razors that made it cheaper and more convenient to merely maintain ones steel in favour of the weekly clip.

Fast-forward a century, and the reverse is on the up - barbershops are thriving. Call this a want for human interaction, a trend in throw-back or simply an appreciation for the finer things, but it's happening nonetheless.

Personally, I like to go to Maloney’s, which is on 1/192 Victoria Street W. For numerous reasons I make my visits a regular thing. Much like how I envision the golden era of barbershops, you feel something when you walk in the doors at Maloneys. Appointments cannot be made, so you physically write your name on the board and take a seat while you wait for your cut. I suggest taking some reading material along as waiting times can often be quite long, although its always worth the wait and if you just so happen to make a visit on a Friday; sometimes there’s beer.


 Maloney’s stands out to me not just in the aesthetic and design of the space, but because of its employees. Each barber at Maloney’s takes pride in their craftsmanship and always goes that little bit further. Whether it’s getting your edges tidied with a cut-throat razor, an old-fashioned beard trim or a classic cut, the barbers at Maloney’s overlook no aspect. They also stock a nice range of products, including hair pomade, beard oils and combs to keep you always looking on point.

Overall, Maloney’s offers the genuine experience that one would have received way back in that golden era. The service is impeccable and they make getting a haircut an enjoyable experience as opposed to it being an errand; and at $27 for a standard cut, it makes all the more reason to go check them out.