Blue Duck Breeze : : Mixology

There’s an art to drinking vodka. Not the Russian-spirited kick-back-forget-that kind of art. The art that recognises vodka belongs inside the occasional cocktail. As much as you enjoy the vodka soda with lime, we evolve.


Blue Duck is the brother spirit to Black Robin Gin, both produced in New Zealand. This hearty addition to the liquor cabinet goes a long way to earning the respect of any “connoisseur.” The Breeze family of cocktails has little origin, and I first ordered this (not for myself) at Conch in Ponsonby, expecting something sweeter than a vodka soda, but getting something a whole lot more intense.


A rounded bitterness with the Grapefruit juice kicks the cider off of the tip of your tongue, allowing the vodka to wash down the back of your throat in true style. In a way that only vodka knows how to do, you will become all too familiar with this pink beauty.



Best enjoyed as a summer afternoon tipple, I fully endorse having more than one of these guys. Allow vodka to work her magic; Blue Duck is full of wonder, and so is getting lowkey tiddly on a little fermented potato. Enjoy responsibly.



  • 45ml Blue Duck Vodka
  • 10ml Elderflower Cordial
  • 30ml Pineapple Juice
  • 60ml Grapefruit Juice
  • Kirin Cider



  1. Add ice to highball glass
  2. Build all ingredients over ice
  3. Stir very well
  4. Top with cider
  5. Garnish with fruit wedge (preferably something citrus)



  1. Liv 16 May, 2016 at 10:13 Reply

    Hi James,

    Another stella Blue Duck cocktail from you, we’re all looking forward to trying this Wednesday at Fukuko.


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