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The past hour has been consumed by an email exchange with one of the nicest people I've recently been lucky enough to have an email exchange with. Someone who knows the significance of a double sad face (see: :(( ) to express hyperbolic kawaii disappointment. This someone is Alistair Deverick, a.k.a Boycrush, a.k.a ya local lowkey pop-electro-banger superstar.


He’s playing tonight at our mate Monster Valley’s collab with our other mate Basement Theatre, ‘Not Theatre’, which is a three day extravaganza of all sorts of not theatre (I went to their pub quiz last night, came third to last but somehow ended up with a bottle of Jameson. Life’s good when it’s good). Tonight’s theme is dubbed ‘A Sweet Rave’. This is where Alistair will be playing, and served the premise of our email interaction.


Read on for spectacular interior design inspiration, and more.


Hello Alistair.

How'd you decide on the moniker 'Boycrush'?
'Boycrush' started out as Boy Crush, which were two words that fit together well from a list of words I liked individually. I have had a lot of people interested in my music because of a site for young gay men, which if my music were different may be a problem, but as it is seems to work out okay.


Where did you grow up? How much of an influence do you think that's had on your creative output?
I grew up in West Auckland. I sometimes catch myself, and remember that I'm from West Auckland, which can sometimes explain some of my aesthetic choices, eg: this photograph over my bed.




What makes you happy?
I'm happiest after I play a nice show, it's the best feeling.


How did you come to music?
My strongest musical influence as a child was Michael Jackson. At Christmas, when I was growing up, the children in my family would put on a variety show; one year I performed ‘Beat It’ with a hairbrush microphone, I think this was videotaped. I came to playing music in high school when I joined a band that my friends started - I was definitely drawn to the drums, but mostly I played them because that was the instrument that was missing.



How would you define your genre?
Pop. Conventional pop song forms, taking inspiration from modern dance and electronic music.


turtleneck (photo credit James Stringer)


What inspires you?
At the moment I've been going through a bunch of recommendations I got from an Auckland DJ Aniwaniwa, folks like Bok Bok and his label Night Slugs, which I vaguely knew of but hadn't explored. Been catching some really cool shows too that have left me inspired, like RP Boo, Le1f, and I've been streaming the archived shows from the Inky Waves stage at Chronophonium.



How do you feel about the New Zealand music scene? Do you consider yourself a part of it, or with the internet available like it is, do those boundaries not exist anymore?
I do consider myself a part of the New Zealand music scene, though mostly in the context of playing drums in other bands.


But you're right, there are bands that are more internet-based, and I consider myself one of those. I would posit that there is a more of a place for me here [in New Zealand] thanks to the Internet though, as like-minded people find it easier to find each other within NZ as well as online.



All Images of Alistair by James Stringer

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