Building a Uniform

I’m a menswear fanatic. I work in the field via my day job and also through my photography. If I’m not looking at stuff to buy then I’m probably reading menswear articles and learning more about its history in the search to pin down what timeless style actually is.


We live in an age where this season is quickly two seasons ago and next season is already this season - fashion is a tricky thing, it’s hard to keep up with what trends are cool and ‘in’ whilst not breaking the bank and/or being left behind.


A uniform is something that you wear nearly everyday and subsequently become known for. No, I am obviously not talking about your school uniform, and I would like to think that you can be more creative than a t-shirt and trousers. I’m talking about items that make you comfortable, look good, feel good. This constitutes an outfit you can interchange with other pieces of clothing with ease, such as adding a coat for winter; when you want to splurge a little and get something that’s on-trend, it can easily be incorporated with your unique look and style. It makes life a little easier when you get up in the morning and you know what you’re going to throw on.





Some people have their nuances and little points of differences, for some it’s sneakers (indulging in pairs all across the board from various brands), for others it may be bomber jackets in different colours and styles, and some turn to printed t-shirts. You’ve got to find what you enjoy wearing, what your point of difference is and why you put certain things on when you get up in the morning.


I feel that a uniform should be about two things: fit, and comfort. If it makes you look good and feel good then it’s a win-win. Often we find ourselves wearing maybe too tight of trousers, far too baggy t-shirts and unflattering hand me downs. Dressing well isn’t hard, you just have to work from a platform and base that people can identify as uniquely you; your clothing begins to reflect the type of person you are.


It’s always best to work from neutral or earthy colours - blues, olives, khakis, browns, greys, whites and sometimes blacks. These tones complement each other well and can be easily worked with each other. See this, for example:


You’re not going to be wearing the same thing everyday - and I’m not telling you to. Work from it as a base. Say, maybe change the shirt for a t-shirt, change the sneakers for boots, change the jacket to a blazer - mix it up and most importantly have fun with it, and when that new season item comes out, incorporate it to what you already wear.


My personal signature look is a pair of slim tailored trousers with a cuff, either a pair of New Balance sneakers or formal lace ups, an oxford button down shirt often under a bomber or Harrington jacket. Trust me, I have been a sucker for trends too, spending a couple of hundred here and there on stuff that I wear for four weeks then get sick of, going back to my uniform. My uniform has never failed me this far – instead, it got me a job. It’s comfortable and personally I think I look good, and more importantly I feel good and confident in it. When I do find something a little more trendy I can easily find a way to swap something out for it - for instance I have an Our Legacy striped jumper which is a little more of the loud side for me and I just swap out a shirt for it and wear my trousers, shoes and jacket.


Once you have found what works for you and what you feel best in life becomes a little easier. You will start to have different tastes in style and fashion, as well as learning more about quality and construction. It is crazy what swapping out two pieces of clothing does to an outfit by replacing them with something else - you don’t have to lose who you are in the world of fashion, it’s more about finding yourself.


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