Chance The Rapper : : The best out of Chicago

Being suspended from Jones College Prep High School for carrying weed in his backpack, Chancellor Bennett was suspended for 10 days, in 2012. Unlike wasting time, smoking doobies with the homies, Chancellor, aka Chance The Rapper, worked on a mixtape in those 10-days. Upon the mixtape release, titled ‘10Day’, on, Chance went viral. Gaining 50,000 downloads in the first month of releasing it, he gained attention from local and international musicians and fans. Now being known as the next come up of the Chicago rap scene, Chance is killin’ it in the rap game.


In 2013, he released his next project, which turned out to be even more ill than ‘10Day’. A project that manifested while doing acid, which he titled the album ‘Acid Rap’, Chance takes you on a journey of what he experienced under the influence. Growing up listening to jazz and soul music and purchasing his first hip-hop album, Kanye West’s The College Drop Out, you can see that his attack on his music is concrete to his past. ‘Acid Rap’ comprises of the finest combination of keys, females vocals, synthesisers and drum kits. This all put together with his tenor, sometimes screechy, vocals and his infamous ad-lib, IGH!, makes you want to try acid yourself!


Now, performing at Coachella 2014, working with artists such as; Vic Mensa, James Blake, Lil Wayne, Hoodie Allen, Childish Gambino and even Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper has came a long way in a mere two short years. Him and his team, SAVEMONEY, have really been making a dent in the rap game. He is bound for a long career…


Download his two mixtapes at Don’t forget to check out his music videos, too. They are super trippy.


Watch out for his latest project, most probably titled Social Experiment after his latest solo tour, out later this year.