CHCH : : A Morning



A new visual series by Christchurch-based What's Good contributor Ben Ningtoutao. Every so often, Ben will bring us a page from his scrapbook, composed of his perception of the street, people, culture, and vibes that comprise his home town; manifesting procrastination, caffeination, apathy and soul searching - you know, that tightrope Gen Y walk every day.


Comic script to self:


Should I be studying?


Mate, just do whatever you want.


What? What do I want?


I want to fly to Tahiti, where the sun still shines. I want to ride the camels and see the Sphinxes bloating in the Arabian sun. I want to watch sunrise among the Austrian Alps.


That's what I want to do. Know what I mean?


When you have to study, even The Press seems a good idea.

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