chuffed | ch əft|

adjective [ predic. ] Brit., informal

very pleased :


The café name is an apt description of the sensation you acquire merely upon finding this place. This new hip little hideaway is located smack bang in the middle of town on High Street, unbeknownst to the majority of people who commute up and down the lane every day! The birth of the establishment is a fantastic reminder that at any time, in any place, something new and inspiring is being formulated purely for our enjoyment.


To access the entrance you walk through a small arcade near the top end of the street. Like walking through a magic closet or falling down Alice's rabbit hole, you find yourself suddenly sitting in a secret location in the middle of the city! A one room seating area filled mostly with the counter and a food cabinet are the first impression, however upon further investigation another doorway leads to an outdoor seating area tucked even further back from the hustle and bustle. The décor celebrates the simple; striped booth seats line one wall with tables and opposite facing chairs. A cozy little fireplace compliments the outdoor area to make the winter months bearable.


Chuffed pride themselves on making excellent coffee. Though I decided to skip a caffeine hit that morning, my friend assured me that it was indeed beautiful. The menu boasts common breakfast classics with unusual gourmet twists, for example, the crumpets are made in house, and you can order sides of beetroot and honey cured salmon, chorizo, or smoked market fish. The lunch options likewise are an eclectic mix of interesting combinations and flavours - green eggs and ham made with south island wild pork, to handmade pasta ribbons served with courgette and chorizo. Big bonus – everything on the menu is very well priced with nothing exceeding twenty dollars, perfect for those on a budget.


Being breakfast, I ordered the wild mushrooms with white bean puree and truffle oil on sourdough. It was incredible, the mushrooms were succulent and fleshy, and the creamy puree was the perfect accompaniment. The sourdough was a little difficult to cut through, but the combination of soft and crunchy was actually quite appealing.


Wild Mushrooms



Need a quiet thinking space away from work and university in the next few months? Come to Chuffed, grab a table by the fire and hunker down with a good cup of coffee and an exquisite meal. The staff are friendly and accommodating, and you are sure to enjoy yourself.