Margherita : : Cocktail of the Week


- 20ml Fresh Lime Juice

- 40 ml Reposado Tequila

- 20ml Orange Curacao/Triple Sec/Cointreau

- Lime wedge

- Sea salt



- Using the lime wedge wet the edge of the glass.

- Dip wet edge into salt flakes to add a salt rim.

- Shake Tequila, Curacao, and Lime Juice with ice in a Boston shaker.

- Strain over crushed ice into a coupe glass.




Hailing from the sours family, Margherita’s are commonly served as the mother of all tequila cocktails, although she really is rather down and dirty.

The purpose of this drink is to celebrate the great affinity between Tequila and Lime, allowing the orange in the curacao/triple sec to really bring out the earthy, vegetal characteristics of the agave based tequila (the worm in the bottom of the bottle kind of earthy).

Follow the Golden Ratio of 2:1:1 - Tequila, Lime, Curacao - and good tequila will really shine through. You can also add a bit of sugar and cut out the salt if you wish to buffer the acidity of the lime, rounding off the whole experience in a smooth, charming manner.

Imagine James Bond on holiday in Cabo, but a bit grittier.

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