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In recent years, we have seen an insane resurgence in the popularity of craft beers, with companies like Epic, Liberty, and Emerson really catching right on to the craze. These few, however, have found immense popularity. It's easy to forget there are a vast number of little beer houses pumping out incredible crafty brews on a daily basis, slipping right under the radar.


Meet the Beer Maker is being held at the Antidote Cafe in Takapuna - and the gist of it is that we get to drink some amazing beer, and meet the people behind it. In what's going to be kind of like a "Beer Talks" event, we get the chance to hear how these guys produce their magic.


Judge Bao Food Truck will be fixing us up with good eats to go along with some even better drink. Get amongst. Free admission.


When: 6pm onwards - Saturday October 10th 2015

Where: Antidote Cafe - 16 Como Street, Takapuna

What: Drink nice beer, eat good food, have good times

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