Manhattan : : Cocktail of the Week

- Thomson Whisky
- Sweet Vermouth
- Angostura bitters
- Cherry


- Pour 50 ml Thomson Whisky, 20 ml sweet vermouth and 2 dashes of angostura bitters in your stirring glass.
- Add ice.
- Stir.
- Strain into a martini glass.
- Be sure to garnish with a cherry, for that extra zest of flavour.



Stepping a little out of the spotlight, the 'Manhattan' conjures up images of a 1920's jazz club, complete with classic fit suits and tilted fedoras. The drink's mysterious and unique aesthetic requires I stress that it belongs only where it is appreciated.

Similar to a Martini, the Manhattan is simply a spirit (in this case whisky), softened out with vermouth (in this case sweet vermouth). The additions of bitter and the cherry garnish add to that some simple and elegant flavour touches which just dance around your tongue, like they are listening to their own beverage-level Miles Davis.

Evidently not a drink for the mornings, this beauty will most certainly surprise you if you're a first timer. Stick in there, as after a couple of sips in the right direction, and the mood to match, this will slip right into your little repertoire of tricks to try on that really average Friday night.

The myth goes that this drink first came into existence specifically to quench a party held for the mother of Winston Churchill, at New York's Manhattan club. The name found its origins in people referring to the drink as, "That cocktail from the Manhattan".

Originally made from American whiskey throughout the prohibition era, the advent of the 1920s forced the drink to be made with the more readily available Canadian whiskey. Such practice is still in full force today, but we've tweaked the recipe to a New Zealand context, adding local heavy-hitter Thomson Whisky to the palate.


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