The Dark & Stormy : : Cocktail of the Week


- ½ a Lime

- Ginger Beer

- 45ml Rum (Stolen Gold OR Stolen Spiced)

- Angostura Bitters

- Loads of ice



- Throw the limes in the bottom of a cocktail glass, with a few dashes of bitters

- Muddle the limes (a touch of fresh lime juice wouldn’t go a miss)

- Top with ice, and add 45ml of Stolen Rum

- Stir

- Top with ginger beer and ice

- Garnish with lime and serve



Backstory: This bad boy dates back to the 1806 production of Gosling’s Black Seal Rum. To this day, the Gosling Brothers hold the patent for the traditional “Dark ‘n’ Stormy”; they ‘own’ the exact spelling and punctuation. Nevertheless, this classic recipe has been tampered with time and time again.

Depending on your inclination to spice, we’d recommend pairing Stolen Spiced with Old Imperial ginger beer, or Stolen Gold with Mac’s ginger beer. As per the United States Patent Office, we can’t therefore label this your classic Dark ‘n’ Stormy, per se, so will be excluding the apostrophes (all in the name of remix culture).

Bartender’s gusto in playing with this timeless elixir by substituting alternate ingredients, and putting their own spin on it, has ensured consistent resurgence in popularity across the last 200 years. Grounded as a classic urban cocktail since its inception, the Dark n Stormy retains a unique identity, and can be at least partially credited with shifting the picture of rum-drinkers from pirates under palm trees to the city slicker.



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