Whisky Sour : : Cocktail of the Week


- 45ml Thomson Whisky

- 30ml Lemon Juice

- 20ml sugar syrup

- 1/2 an egg White (optional)


- Place all ingredients in a shaker, and shake hard.

- Serve straight up over ice into a rocks glass.

- Garnish with a lemon wheel.

Whisky, lemon and sugar sounds pretty straight forward, right? Technically it is, but this is just one of those drinks you can't truly understand until you try it. If I have the time, I will always add the optional egg white in order to provide a bit more texture - a feature that transports the sour into another dimension; something unlike any other drink.

Your chosen whisky has a critical effect on the final product, so careful deliberation should always be undertaken. The lemon adds a rather obvious sour note to the whisky, which always seems to bring out certain flavours that can otherwise go unnoticed. With the addition of sugar, the bitter sourness is tempered to a tolerable level (note, however, this balance of ingredients can be altered to individual tastes and preferences).


Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 4.44.45 pm

The Whisky Sour will definitely surprise the most vulnerable of taste buds, leaving the faint hearted with a strange tang on the tip of their tongue. Without a doubt, the oddly unnerving experience will be worth it.

Delving into the history books, there appears to be a very underwhelming lack of a sexy backstory regarding how the cocktail came about. There is some mention of a newspaper article way back in 1870; the first known documentation of the ‘Whiskey Sour’. However, in 1962 there was contrary article published saying that it was invented in 1872. If I'm being horribly honest, that is literally all I could find. We just have to trust that it's a classic.

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