Current Events that make sense #21

John Campbell


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It was revealed last week that Mediaworks are reviewing the 7pm weekday slot current affairs show Campbell Live has held for the last 10 years. Mediaworks has suggested that the slot could be filled with a Jono and Ben at 10-esque show, or maybe a soap opera. Mediaworks news chief, Mark Jennings, says the review is needed as, “view expectations in 2015 are quite different from those of 2005.”

Backlash erupted throughout the country last week over the review, prompting #savecampbelllive to become the most talked about subject on Twitter.




Many feel as if Campbell Live is one of the few remaining investigative journalism shows that takes real steps to create a better society. Campbell has undertaken many major projects, including a partnership with KidsCan, to ensure more kids have lunch at school. He's also continued to report on the Christchurch earthquake aftermath, long after mainstream New Zealand media grew tired of the topic.

John Campbell has enlisted a lawyer to help him fight his case.


Moving overseas - South Carolina

Here we are again; another fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by a white police officer in America. Police officer, Michael Slager, 33, pulled over Walter Scott, 50, because of a broken tail-light.

Apparently there was a bit of a kerfuffle, with Slager arguing that Scott became aggressive and attempted to grab his taser. Because of this, Slager acted in ‘self-defence’, ultimately shooting Scott. However, someone happened to be walking by and decided to film the altercation. The imagery appears to tell a different version of events, one in which Scott is depicted running away before being shot by Slager several times.

It then shows Slager picking up an object and dropping it next to Scott - who by this stage, lay motionless on the ground. Many believe that this is the taser, hypothesising that Slager tried to plant it next to the body. Because of this footage, the police officer has been charged with murder.

History then prompts the question; would enquiries into the matter have been undertaken - at all - had there not been video evidence disproving Slager's claims? What does this then mean for all the other similar situations in America that have been occurred over the last year?

Much like necessary, uncomfortable conversation that Americans had to have over racism and police brutality because of Ferguson, protests in North Charleston, South Carolina have once again taken to informing the masses that, “Black lives matter”.


In similar news: another state, another civil rights violation



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We move to California where 10 police officers were placed on paid leave this week after footage showed them tasering and beating a man who allegedly stole a horse. The footage shows 30 year old Francis Pusok being kicked approximately 17 times, punched 37 times, and hit with a baton four times. The police officers argue this extent of force was necessary, stating their tasers didn’t work due to Pusok's loose clothing (despite footage showing his hands were behind his back). The FBI is investigating the footage to determine whether or not this is a civil rights violation.

If you would like to view the footage and discern events for yourself, click here (warning: contains disturbing content).


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