Tour Diary : : Days 4 & 5

Checked out one of the venues I'll be playing and it's amazing, the history there blows my mind. Bon Scott from AC/DC got too coked up and died on the steps. Prince, Queens Of The Stoneage and Nick Cave regularly grace their stage. It was Amy Winehouse's favourite place to be... still a little bit unreal to me. Until I play there though, I'm heading to Brighton tomorrow to play The Great Escape festival. From what people tell me it's just a big fuck off party with a beach and bands. Sounds like my cup of tea. Industry scouts galore, so I'll have to brush my hair all nice.


Tried to go to the British Museum but we weren't allowed inside. St Paul's cathedral was pretty cool but I felt weird about paying $30 to go into a church so I sat outside staring at 13 year old French girls instead. They were really loud. Also went to look at dinosaurs and shit. Fucking love dinosaurs man.