Daye Jack – Putting Faith Back Into ATL

Atlanta usually pumps out its fair share of Hip-Hop talents, such as Andre 3000, B.o.B, Big Boi, TI and the like, but recently it has all diluted. Luckily a 18 year-old rapper, born and bred in Atlanta, is representing his area out in New York City, while studying Bachelor Computer Science at NYU. Being a talented football player with a scholarship offer, Daye Jack turned it to get a degree and to grind on his musical ability.

Music bloggers were alerted of his talent after Daye dropped his debut mixtape, consisting of 14 tremendous tracks entitled Hello World; a personal approach to his music that portrays his persona in different mediums. Throughout his project, Daye exhibits the vocal delivery that of a Pro Era member, plus his singing/rapping hybrid puts him in the same category of Chicago bred rapper, Chance the Rapper.  Personally, the story that he tells is very intellectually tackled – the lyricism, the thought and meaning behind his stanzas able the listener to follow his train of thought, vividly. What is more attractive about Daye is the fact that he is only 18, and the thought process is undeniably impressive. Being able to compile his thoughts through the medium of music should have critics questioning the ‘rappers’ that are getting popular in this era. 

In a nut shell, his project is dope; also he has much more to give to his listeners. You can vibe out to his whole mixtape over on Soundcloud: 

Download it for free on Datpiff:

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