Preview : : Dialogue: Identity

Need something to do this week? Feeling a little disengaged? Yeah, I feel you, society sucks. As we get caught up in the tides of identity politics in this hyper-engaged 2017 media climate (not like thats a bad thing), it is sometimes hard to feel your voice. I feel you.

It’s something that can affect everyone, and I am a huge advocate for getting out and sharing stories about your life, your identity, your own self - getting amongst the creativity of the story is a certain way to express how you fit inside a community and within our Aotearoa.

Dialogue: Idenity, hosted by Jackie Van Beek, is a collection of artists telling their stories. Literally getting in a room together to talk about the real real. This is the kind of show that explores the complex reality of being human, a collection of well crafted narratives that get you thinking, it also gets some laughs in your belly. Wholesome ones. Certified organic wholesome laughs.

If you need tickets then this show is having it’s last set this Friday, and you can buy them here.

Get into that room and get amongst the story-telling, it’s really quite unique.

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