Dishing it Out: Lewis Road x Whittaker's Chocolate Milk

Ok so this is definitely no groundbreaking news, anyone on Instagram knows how hugely popular this collaboration between market superpower Whittaker’s, and boutique kings of quality Lewis Road Creamery has been. But it's fully deserving of mention. From taste to branding, this collab is so ridiculously on point. So on point that it has left Cadbury sitting there going, “how the fuck didn’t we think of this shit”. A gorilla playing the drums is no longer enough.

Because this milk is in such high demand, touting to be the best choco milk anyone has ever tasted ever, dating back to before man mixed milk with chocolate, I will hold back on spoiling it for you. Most likely, you may have tried to find it, only to meet empty shelves- I visited 6 supermarkets to no avail before getting very lucky to find some. But I don’t want to raise expectations. As far as I’m concerned, Whittaker’s chocolate milk will meet those expectations. Think Whittaker’s creamy milk chocolate, but in liquid milk form. So amazingly good. Words can’t even describe. But apart from the taste, what makes this so good?



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This is more than just milk; its Instagram success is a toast to this. I’m guilty of sharing a clichéd hypestagram post myself. Personally, I’m all for it, for sure I want my mates to know I’m drinking what felt like half my childhood in a bottle. In my opinion it’s a testament to the power of social media to note that the popularity of this product has been created almost entirely from the hype around it. So on this quick note about the best god damn chocolate milk I have ever tasted, fully deserving of its own Dishing it Out- I advise you to give in to the hype, dedicate a day to the search for this beautiful product. And stock up, buy 4+ bottles, let everyone know you’ve tried it because you will definitely not regret it.


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