Dishing it Out x Archie's

This is definitely an institution. Archie’s has been around for as long as I can certainly remember, and clearly commonly known as one of the best lunch spots in Newmarket- it was packed. For $14 you can pick anything off the special menu, and its bloody good.

Family owned and operated since ages ago, you’ll find Archie’s behind the movies; on that awkward corner no one ever knows how to drive around safely past the parking lot. Its small, not much to the interior bar a few tables, a banquet seating couch running along one wall, and a fuck off big stone wood-fire oven for what are dubbed “the best pizzas in the world” (clearly not true- but they take a good crack at it) With not much to the décor, Archies is lucky to be able to spill out into the courtyard beckoning at its front. Outside bar to match, Archie’s pulls off the best cheap summer lunch you’ll find without resting beachfront.

The courtyard stood out for me, although they do cram as many tables into their confined space as they can, it can’t be said they don’t make the most of the space. Their service hits the mark too, nothing too flash- they’re too busy for that shit, but they’re attentive. They aren’t there to wow you with service because they know the food does that. The garlic bread with cheese is a must. We went half on a pizza, with a classic half and half between prosciutto e funghi and an unpronounceable delicate topping of cheese, olives, anchovies, salami and more cheese. Its spot on, not quite comparable to New York pizza or, I don’t know, maybe Italian homemade recipes- but its some of the best I can find in this city. And they know it. Next visit I tried out the pasta and their carbonara is pretty darn good. Their coffee was alright, I should’ve gone for a vino off their extensive list, next time- but their drinks list isn’t shy of a few options.

There’s not much more to say than you should get your ass down there for a $14 lunch some time soon, we were lucky to sneak a table considring how busy they were, but they love it, the staff seem to love it, and Newmarket professionals certainly love it too. Finish the arvo off with a stroll to some of the more boutique-y of retailers Newmarket has to offer, can’t be anything short of a good day by that plan if you ask me.


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