Dishing it Out x Chinoiserie

{Shin-wa-zah-ree} Def: French for “Chinese-esque”, an artistic style eminent with Chinese influences.


This style graces the walls of this new little spot on the corner of Owaikara Ave and Mt Albert Road, and is a thing of beauty. Right next to, and owned by, the very creative and successful L'oeuf, Chinoiserie have taken to the pork bun craze, outdoing all others in creating their own little amazing little takeaway morsels. Prepared and served in bamboo boats you’re ready to run off with - but I urge you to hang around.


Most think of pork buns as a fully sealed bun; the most tempting carbo-loaded deliciousness that is the pillow of a soft butter bun enveloping the pork. Chinoiserie does these a little differently. To allow you to relate to it, picture a taco. But instead of your soft corn tortilla, you’ve got pork bun, rolled out into a flatbread and folded around your pork. This allows you to get more pork and less bun, a ration often the problem with many pork buns. And it's not only pork, too. They also do chicken, squid, and vegetarian; a wide variety of options which are near endless and indescribably tasty. Think salt and pepper battered squid, with chipotle, fresh mayo, zesty greens and carrot thins encased in a taco of a soft butter fold.



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You order from the bar, and they quickly hustle the morsels to your seat. Given it gets pretty busy in post work rush hour and during dinner service, it’s a feat that they offer chilled Tsingtao and a raft of Taiwanese influenced cocktails that will spice up any day of the week. Keeping it real on the soft drinks front, the offering is All Good Organics.
Chef Erk Chotamungsa puts a fine artistic touch into his food. Every bun is affectionately and delicately crafted with the mind of changing how we look at pork buns. There’s a giant dragon mural down the left wall, big bar and open kitchen, soft tables and a casual setting. This place is only going to get busier and more popular as the years go on. Closed Mondays and Sundays, open every other day of the week 4pm til’ late, these guys are going places.


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