Dishing it Out x Fukuko

Pronounced “Foo-koo-koh” (I think), this little Japanese fusion cocktail bar and tapas eatery is bookmarked by Britomart staples, Supreme Seafarers and Tyler Street Garage, finding its place nestled behind Ebisu, its restaurant brother. Fukuko is the kind of place you would host a business lunch, or take a date after dinner for a cheeky nightcap. It's sexy, fun, a little dark, and they certainly know how to whip up a feed or a cocktail.


Photography by James Bridgman & Jay Stothers.



We stumbled in there one night following a few drinks, in search for a bite and a cocktail, and those cravings were sated by Adam and his team. Glass tubs with wild infusions sit above their impressive Japanese whiskey selection (largest in NZ, I’m told), and funky wall hangings and planters dress the place up a little bit. Small as it may be, the aesthetic and vibe doesn't disappoint; light yellow bar leaners, tough stools, concrete flooring and walls, a glowing countertop bar. Pouring Asahi and tap wines, along with Kirin in bottles, you’ll find yourself a quick tipple. Or for the more daring, the masterminds behind the bar will whip you up something special, with a bit of tongue and cheek to go along with it.


pork bun


We went for a combination of tapas; I had the fish taco, fried chicken, and a pork steam bun, alongside the tofu Donburi bowl. This is pretty good range of what's on offer here, and at a decent price. Everything’s prepared in house by their resident chef, served up in a fusion style in an easily approachable manner. The chicken had a bit of spice to it, as did the fish taco, in which the addition of coriander delicately balanced the soft flavours of the fish and the heavy spice. I couldn’t fault the pork steam bun either – soft bun, juices dripping off your fingers, the whole nine; they nailed it to a tee. My high recommendation has to go to the tacos, and if you’re really hungry, I would recommend giving their Donburi a try.




It's less about the fuss and more about the fun down at Fukuko. They won't get technical with you, but you'll leave with a little bit of a mind-blown feeling. If you’re after some good eats and fancy drink you definitely can't make at home, as well as some beats to go along with it, take the date down there for a few cocktails.




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