Dishing it Out x Good Day

There’s an abundance of small, alternative, white-walled, brown-tabled, man-bun infested coffee stops around Auckland. In these cafes you’re often more likely to come across a pair of Nike Roshes than someone who actually appreciates coffee. But this place seems different.


It’s definitely small. Good Day, opened by Dan and Jacqui only on Monday, is a new local in the heart of Orakei. Squeezed into the stretch of shops on Coates Ave, you’ll walk in to meet hanging light bulbs, floral décor scattered across the white-walls, brown-tables and bench seats jutting out from the woodwork. They serve Supreme coffee; of course I would fall in love. It’s a simple idea really - a place to grab your morning fix. Its catch line, “Start it with coffee.” From what I saw this morning there were plenty of Orakei professionals popping by to do just that.


Selling pastries and bagels too, this place is worth a visit for sure. Takeaway or have there, this place definitely has a propensity for waking you the f*** up. Shout out to Dan and Jacqui for doing something special, these guys are super friendly and definitely know what they’re doing. I’ll keep an eye on this one – remember to hit them up on Instagram @good_day_cafe.

Image cred to Good Day Cafe, cheers guys.


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