Dishing it Out x Street Food Collective

Tucked away behind Kate Sylvester, behind Golden Dawn, down an alleyway, you find the lot-by-lot assortment of restaurants we all love. New tenant, Street Food Collective, seems to be changing the game in terms of how we view the concept. Personally, when I think of street food I think of a good Phar Bo and any unknown meat on a skewer meets chicken feet. But I love what these guys are doing. Taking common restaurant food, turning it in to finger food, and serving them up at your pleasure.


Primarily, this collective is more group than entity. There’s a changing tapestry of options constantly rotating among vendors. Whether burgers from bearded clam, sandwiches from Fort Greene, or Mexican from Lucky Taco, there is something there for you.


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Screenshot 2015-08-14 12.22.39


What we loved was the vibe. On the busier nights you’ll find a DJ taking residence by the bar located inside a campervan. Its very eclectic, a nice combination of casual and different. Less about show more about experience. Something we are sorely missing in this city. You first stumble down the cobbled alleyway under the metal arch to find Miss Moonshines on your left, and a combination of steel tables, rickety seats, and barrel bar leaners laid over a felt astro-turf and surrounded by vendors. You notice windows emblazoned with The Street Food Collective logo, full glass front to the interior restaurants taking residence at the time. For what is available when you visit you’re going to have to check their schedule online. We visited for the Mexican, and the hope of catching a Fort Greene sandwich and a smore. All of which were perfect.


However, I wouldn’t overhype the food. This is the place you visit for the good times. Good music and a good group can make this place a favourite for everyone. Go for the vibes, go for the night, grab your mates and definitely make a point of visiting this place, with an open mind about the food.


All photo cred from Street Food Collective


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