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No don’t worry; this isn’t a post about the terrible Kiwi rendition of the addictive Australian cooking show that won the hearts of the majority of the nation. Instead I’m going to give you the low down on how you and your group of friends can run your very own My Kitchen Rules competition. Be aware; it can either tear you all apart, or bring you all together.



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The guidelines are simple; there will need to be an even number of you, divided into teams of two. From there you can begin your preliminary cook-offs as frequently as you please (once a week works well when you can all decide on a suitable evening). For the lack of judges (lets keep it fairly simple), score each dish out of ten; entrée, main and dessert. After all the points have been tallied you can either opt for semi-finals and then a final (depending on your group size) or just jump straight to the two top scoring groups facing off against each other in a heated grand finale. Queue The Final Countdown intro…


Each evening is guaranteed to be highly entertaining and basically just a whole lot of fun; so whether you are an MKR advocate or an indifferent bystander, here are some good reasons for why you should consider conducting your own MKR contest with your mates.

1)    First and foremost, it’s definitely a cheaper alternative than all of you going out and dining every week at different restaurants around the country. By the time you’ve ordered entrees, mains and desserts plus a few rounds of your chosen beverages, your combined bill would be looking fairly pricey.

2)    It gets your creative juices flowing. You have to be innovative! Everybody goes out to eat but does everybody cook? Everything from the menu to the table setting is up to you to design. You have total creative license to do whatever the hell you want and your friends just have to go along with it.




3)    The competition is absolutely hilarious. You think you did a fantastic job? That might not be reflected in your scores. Similarly, if you’re panicking about the consistency of your jus, or in our friends’ case, hand crafting your own gnocchi your chosen company may be perfectly oblivious to what constitutes a good one. Therefore make sure you choose your friends well; or tailor your menu to taste, and hope to god they aren’t people who take criticism too seriously. But food fights are fun too right?

4)    You’ll feel a real sense of reward and pride. Even if you’re terrible you’ve (hopefully) put something relatively ok together; and that’s an achievement in itself.

5)    You get to cruise around the supermarket riding the shopping trolley with your best friend/cooking buddy.

6)    It’s just a great opportunity for some quality table banter. Have you wanted to discuss politics, or sexual harassment issues about work, or even last weekends one night stand? Here’s your perfect opportunity all within the comfortingly private walls of your confidantes home.

7)    And finally have you been looking for an excuse to get drunk on a random day of the week? Bring a few bottles of wine and hey-ho there you go. Just make sure you organize a ride home before you down the second bottle, and drink responsibly guys.



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So there you have it. Yes, committing to something like this does require time, and a little bit of effort but all good things in life do right? Go and check out your schedule. Send off that text, email, or group Facebook message to all of your favorites - even send them the link to this post! After all, good food, good wine and good friends all equal a good time. Spice up your uni or workweek with something different. And good luck.

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