E3 2014: Top Five Game Picks

E3 is a Video Game conference held annually in sunny Los Angeles, California. All major video game publishers host press conferences to show the public what they have been working on, alongside a few smallfry indie developers hoping for their big break. This is generally seen as the most important week in gaming every year.

The last E3 was the year of next generation consoles, as the PS4 and Xbox One were announced. New generations of gaming consoles only come around every 6 - 8 years, so it was a big deal. Developers and casual gamers alike still haven’t settled into using these consoles; they still lack a vast game library and are significantly more expensive than the most popular current consoles, the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

This year will be remembered as the year of the next generation games. The quality of new games announced led to something I hadn’t anticipated. As someone who has not touched a game controller in about three to four years, to my delight I can happily say that I am excited about video games again.

The list of games announced by all major developers delves into the hundreds, so I have chosen to spill some much deserved light on my top 5.

#5 -  Project Spark

Project Spark is a game where you literally “make games”. Creation games are constantly entertaining due to providing unlimited content. The developers don’t have to constantly churn out content because the community creates it. Gamers can make and share games with other players who own it. The game will not be limiting player’s creativity to a simple old controller either; the introduction of compatibility with Microsoft tablets and the Xbox One Kinect assist in creating whatever you imagine. Taking into account how visually striking the graphics are, and the unending customizable attributes bundled with the power of the new systems, this game could really show us how the new consoles are going to take gaming further.

#4 - Halo: The Master Chief Collection

The Master Chief Collection is going to make any Halo fan boy hysterical. It brings together all 4 Halo games remastered in High-Definition to take advantage of the computing power of the Xbox One. It has been 13 years since the first Halo game, since which the franchise blossomed into a household name. With over 100 multiplayer maps and every campaign mission in Halo ever all packed onto one disc, this game itself will provide Halo patrons a more than sufficient reason to buy the Xbox One console.

#3: Far Cry 4

With a sea of shooting games that all revolve around a historic war or a futuristic post-apocalyptic world, the first-person shooter genre really hasn’t had a refreshing game in a while. Far Cry 4 is that refreshing title. Set in a picturesque Himalayan environment, complete with rural villages and high-altitude dirt roads, the setting is distinctive and unlike any other recent game I can recall. The game has host of new features too, including one where you can invite friends to play online with you, without the need for them to buy the game. An interesting feature that I hope other games soon have.


#2: Splatoon

Nintendo has fallen from its grace in recent years. With their newest console, the Wii U, performing very poorly, Nintendo has been in financial trouble for a while now. This E3 they came out guns blazing and showed off a lot of sequels and new titles that made gamers think about Nintendo as a more serious gaming platform rather than a childish gimmicky system. Splatoon was one the new games. It is a team based multiplayer game that features a very interesting concept where the aim of the game is to paint as much territory of a map as possible. You can kill your opponents, paint over their paint, turn into a squid… There are endless strategic possibilities. The game looks incredibly vibrant with neon paint flying everywhere and great cartoonish animation.


#1: No Mans Sky

This game was a clear winner for me. No Man’s Sky is a science fiction game that revolves around the concept of exploring. Everything in the game is ‘procedurally generated’ which means that every time you play the game it’s ‘universe’ is different, and thus forever changing. There are no levels or missions that you would normally find in a game. You just travel the infinite planets which are all unique - and they are all incredibly detailed. Everything from the trees, clouds and to the creatures you encounter are different every time. The trailer shows dinosaurs, space ships and giant snakes - offering something for everyone. The possibilities and ways to play this game are limitless.


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