Early days : : Styles to kick off 2017

It’s not often you get time to sit back and have a think about what other people are wearing, right? We’re all so concerned with our own look and style and vibe that I think it's often nice to step back and think, damn I would love to see that happen. So I put down words about five things I want to see (and know I will be seeing more of) in the coming months.



I’m talking graphic tees, independent labels and satire illustrations. These three together combine to make an amazing combo.

Parody clothing comes in all shapes and sizes, like the underground company “Classy duds”, take popular designs or logos and put a satire spin on them. Turning “Gucci” into “Goochi” or “Gnocchi”, “Victoria Bitter” into “Victoria Litter” and so on.

With very talented illustrations to go alongside them, they’re the perfect way to say, ‘hey I know what I’m doing fashion-wise, and I also have a shred of personality and a sense of humour to match.’



Alright yeah I know what you're thinking, layering has been a thing for years, but we're going for something other than a woollen cardigan over a cotton tee, fuck that. I mean layering as a tool to enable you to wear almost everything in your wardrobe all at once. Think dresses over jeans, camisole tops over tees, and corsets over tees - the possibilities are endless.

A good starting point is to think about how much skin you want to show, then layer up on top of that. It is so appropriate for the approaching cooler months, when good old Auckland throws four seasons at you in one day, layering can have you prepared for anything. Pairing shirts under dresses, dresses over jeans, jeans on top of fishnets, fishnets under baggy tees and trench coats over anything for classic Auckland style sporadic rain and you’re ready to tackle Autumn.

P.S. the only time this isn't appropriate is when you look below the knees, if anyone wears their socks over their jeans I think I’ll have a hernia.



It seems like every second IG account I come across these days is some independent cool lad/chick shipping genuine vintage Ralph, Tommy or Gucci over from the states. This is cool, but the real MVPs here are the likes of Magic Hollow - who have a huge social media and online following, so much so to the point that they sell out just a few hours after each new “drop”.

Not to mention the creeping phase of buying vintage one offs like Harley tees, band tees or my personal favourite, vintage Supreme tees dating back to around 2007 - and reintroducing their older designs of 07/08 bring a little something more to the table than the standard box logo. It’s fashion coming full circle, with the addition of the mom jean trend (circa 2015) and old school sneakers.



Shirts, tees, baggy jeans, baggy pants, frayed jeans, loose tees, you name it and it’s probably being worn oversize and the fact is that this trend is awesome because who needs to be uncomfortable anymore in tight jeans and a crop top? Not me that’s for damn sure. Guys are wearing XXL tees and so are the girls.

Pair an oversize shirt or tee with a cool belt, rock baggy jeans with a crop, and the only thing that will determine whether it’s a day or night look is your shoes. Too easy. ps. oversized baseball jerseys are cool.



And riding off the back of oversized clothing comes possibly my favourite trend from the early days of 2017 ~ groovy pants ~. Not just slightly patterned, groovy. The options are limitless, high waisted, slim line track pants (I’m talking adidas or similar), flares, mom jeans, you name it.

The days of skinny jeans being the only go-to are so over, pants are freaking fantastic and it gives your wardrobe a whole new element to play with. My favourite are flare-type pants, high waisted and either cotton or satin fabric are dope because they are so diverse and more importantly, uber comfortable and comfort always comes first when it comes to pants IMO.

I’m not just talking girls here either, guys are less and less heading for the drop crotch, slim lined, skinny jeans, jogger options and heading towards a more unconventional cut jean: they sit at the waist and taper out at the ankle - which I can imagine is a lot more comfortable and definitely a lot more pleasing to the eye than drop crotch or skinny jeans.


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