Neighbourhood : : EAT at The Shelter

The past several years have seen Auckland pull its socks up on the cafe scene - realising its potential as an international leader in the area. After all, we invented the flat white, and we sure know how to unwind; transplanting all of this into a hospitality experience was always going to eventually be a given.


Ponsonby is one of the suburbs leading this charge. A spot where you're just as likely to spot a pair of KDubs frames for each green smoothie in sight, as you are a brunch flat-lay for Instagram, you can't not revel in the fact that you, the consumer, now has more choice, better choices, and some damn cool places to chill.


Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.05.14 am


Off the back of these musings, we decided to investigate one of the latest and greatest brunch spots to crop up in the Ponsonby 'burbs. Mackelvie Street is easily the next big thing in the area - joined to the Ponsonby Central area by the Miss Moonshines & Street Food Collective alleyway, Mackelvie is the neighbourhood of Deadly Ponies, Blak Chaos, and all the hip kids slightly too cool to sit on the main stretch.


Sitting at the centre of the Mackelvie Street action is The Shelter, brainchild of Vicki Taylor and Mark Thomson (yes, the very same people who run Taylor Boutique). Home to high fashion sourced internationally and locally, and homewares to make your abode the pinnacle of aesthetics, they've recently capped off the offering with 'EAT' - because where the hell else could you brunch next to Mason Martin Margiela?



We'll stop rambling now. Watch the video.

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