Amano : : First Impressions

You may have noticed a tonne of construction going in at the far end of Tyler Street. The end you’re far less familiar with, near the car-park. Down the street from Dry and Tea, there has been a little something something going on – a something that has snuck through the woodwork and construction to become the latest addition to the Hip Group's portfolio. It’s called Amano. It’s a bakery, and it looks f***ing great.




I was a little concerned at first that Hip Group shouldn’t be veering away from what they know - the realm of bakery kind of stems away from their café style vibe, much like Milse did (which, notably, is just down the street). It also adds to the Hip Group domination of Britomart: Ortolana, The Store, Milse, and now Amano. However, the place looks amazing, and smells waft down the road. Much thought clearly went into the place.


As you step over the light stonework, you’re struck by floor to ceiling bread-shelves. Not your bakers delight rickety bread-shelves on wheel, a dark brown framework built into the façade of the grand, tall bakery. As your eyes follow up the shelves you'll find the ceiling covered in natural plant fitting - nothing green, but wheaty, soft, delicate. The glass cabinet sits below it at a friendly height, and smiles from the young team of staff lead you to a repertoire of treats, sandwiches, and baked goods. Think BAPS and Pan au Chocolats. They sell a tonne of sourdough, and it's well decent. Make sure you hit them up for your next baked good pitstop, as you will find a loaf for about $7.50 which isn’t half bad for a decent bakery.




The coffee is Allpress, but they veer away from the classic Allpress cups; their takeaway station is teeming with Blue and White stamped “Amano” cups. The deep blue coffee machine rests atop the till as a little takeaway station, the perfect addition to a little treat on the go.


There are no tables - nowhere to stop and sit - if you want that, they'd probably tell you to head down to the Store, or Seafarers, not too far down the way.


Amano is kind of the perfect addition to Britomart, and I can imagine young professionals will flock, looking for something different to their classic Molenburg or Vogels. Definitely worth a visit, we'll see how she holds up.


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