Flying Carpet : : Mixology

The Red Carpet was the sophisticated lubricant step-sister to the Academy Awards in 2008, designed for the fashionably drunk and elegantly grandiose. Originally served as a concoction of fresh fruits and bitter acquaintances, this soon-to-be classic is often seen served sprinkled in edible gold, because it’s really damn fancy.


We cut back on the fanciness to create a tipple you can enjoy at home, or at your local. With the right bartender this can turn into an easy going sip and makes for an approachable glass of goodness. Served shaken. Don't be afraid of the egg white, remember, it’s a cocktails best friend.




- 30ml Blue Duck Vodka
- 30ml fresh grapefruit juice
- 15ml sugar syrup
- 2 tablespoon blueberry jam
- 1 egg white
- 1 dash Angostura Bitters



- Chill a coupe glass with ice
- Add all ingredients to shaker, starting with juices bitters, then alcohol
- Shake extremely hard to separate egg white
- Double strain into glass
- Garnish with edible flower (unless you've got some spare edible gold lying around)


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