For The Boys

This one's for the boys.

This is a new take on fashion in WG, differing from the usual fashion reviews or write ups, this piece is aimed to help you guys out by covering the best, the basics, high fashion, cozy styles and wardrobe staples.

For the debut of For The Boys, I want to show you what the more ~ fashion forward ~ males in my life are wearing and how they’re wearing it. You'll also get to know why these boys wear what they wear and an individual piece of advice for you to get some insight on their game.

And because everyone has different taste, I’ve tried to get a lil variety up in here, so I hope you guys take some inspiration from these stylish dudes.

High fashion / Grunge boys

Jason wears, a tee from Vince Staples' merch in 2016

Opshop pants, cut them himself

His shoes are Vans Old Skool’s and Stolen Girlfriend’s Club boots

E: What inspires the way you dress?
J: I guess first of all it comes from who I hang out with, then the first time I tucked in my tee was after seeing Vince Staples at Laneway two or three years ago. It’s kind of like this punk, rap and hip hop hybrid. It’s almost like rap is the new rock and roll and we listen to rap. Most of my outfits are universal, so I can wear them to work and also wear them straight out after. Its purely this casual culture - rocking vans everywhere especially. There’s no such thing as dressing formal to get into bars or clubs anymore, it’s all about being conscious of your own style and making it work for you.

E: A piece of fashion advice you have for guys?
J: Take risks and do it recklessly. Definitely be reckless because people appreciate that and respect it. Take inspiration but take it lightly, you don’t want to swack anyone. Be relatively original with whatever you do. Take inspiration from different places and merge it together.

George wears a Ksubi jacket

Carhartt pants

T-shirt by Custom Sixfeet

Cozy boys

Michael wears a Supreme Stax vintage tee

Shoes are Nike Jordan Oreo 4s

And a SixtyForty hat

George wears the Hoodie internationale from Palace

Adidas shell tracksuit pants

Nike Air Max 95 ultra jacquard shoes

E: What inspires the way you dress?
G: All of my fashion inspiration comes from music, it’s kind of like cut down the middle between hip hop and rock music. The first outfit had a 70s look with a modern context on it, I love retro things. I like to put my own spin on an old look if that makes sense. On the contrast, the second outfit I wore was completely hip hop oriented, all the brands are what rappers endorse, and the big players in the HypeBeast scene, so brands like Supreme, the Palace hoodie, Adidas - this is pretty much ticking all the boxes.

E: A piece of fashion advice you have for guys?
G: Don’t be afraid to take risks. You can be so much more creative, and that doesn’t necessarily need to mean spending more money, you just need to be more open minded of what you’re wearing and don’t be afraid of wearing something that could be considered more feminine. Don’t be afraid of what other people might think of you, cause ultimately you’re going to look better anyway. If you feel like you look a bit too much, you probably look great.

The classic ‘white boy’ (sorry had to be said)

James wears a linen tee from Assembly Label.

His shoes are Adidas Gazelles.

The jacket is a sneaky opshop find.

Glasses are Moscot.

E: What inspires the way you dress?
J: I think I draw a lot from the colours around me and have experimented with certain cuts and styles and colours to know what works for me. A lot of what I do can be referred back to suiting style, and I draw most of my colour pairing from the suit. If it wouldn’t look good on a suit, don’t wear it. That means I stick to lots of navy, greys, black and whites, with touches of colours - red and yellows and pinks where appropriate.

E: A piece of fashion advice you have for guys?
J: The three colour rule. Pretty straightforward, if you stick to three colours in an outfit, you’re going to look coordinated no matter what the items are. For example, navy chinos, a long sleeve grey tee and brown boots and belt. Obviously socks don’t fall into that because they should always be colourful - accessories in general won’t fall under the rule, and often whites won’t count either because they’re neutral. Just play with what works. I think sticking to the three colour rule, three colours in an outfit maximum, is a good place to start if you’re hunting for advice on how to dress.

Of course this isn’t to say that these are the only men’s fashion categories, but I thought I would highlight a few of the current trends across the board, and show you guys that when you find your niche it can be easy and affordable to up your wardrobe game. 

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