Freeman & Grey

With cafes at every corner, restaurants at every intersection; Auckland loves to eat. There’s enough to keep you full till the end of time. So what’s good enough for the precious room in your tummy? Where’s your next hung-over feed going to be devoured? Where to go her when she says ‘I don’t know you choose’... Since we're spoiling you rotten, we have it under control and we will do all the sieving and sifting to find the golden eggs and toast.

So I set out to Freeman & Grey conveniently located exactly where the name suggests; between Freemans Bay and Grey Lynn. It’s not a place you would book for a formal dinner with your parents as a traditional eatery located in this, rather sophisticated part of the city would suggest.


Freeman & Grey boasts being your local. If you’re a lad living in the Ponsonby, this would be the place to call your local. Decorated with flat screen TV’s to enjoy the game with the boys, along with indoor and outdoor seating for convenient durry spots. The atmosphere is easy going and the staff are a friendly bunch.


I tried the ‘Anatra’ from their ‘Gourmet Pizza Selection’. As the name suggests, it is a duck meat pizza that has an unusual blend of toppings, including: cashews, mushrooms, and hoisin sauce (Chinese barbeque sauce); however, it was far from a full sized pizza and arguably small for a gourmet pizza. It smelled enticing and tasted even better. The minimal crust and moderate toppings made every bite flavorful.


This would not be an ideal place to take the missus, but is a good place to start any big night in Ponsonby off. The inexpensive food and a full-page-in-the-menu long list of tap beers are two reasons alone to put this place high in your list of places to watch the game but trust me, there’s much more.


Photo by LAWRENCE SMITH/Fairfax NZ