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Like most people, I’ve had a fair few shitty Christmases. Whether it’s my nan and mum going toe-to-toe to pass time or a severe throat infection that stops me from touching the christmas banquet, the holiday has always struggled to live up to its reputation. Fortunately, Guy Montgomery is here to change all that, bringing Christmas early.


‘Guy MontgoMerry Christmas’ is the culmination of one savvy man ‘cornering the market.’ Taking place in May to beat the holiday rush, Guy's comedy showcase brings all your favourite Christmas pastimes to life. Christmas Carols, presents, and family get-togethers are all here, but wrapped a little differently than usual. Trudging through the holiday grizzle, Guy illustrates his abilities in more ways than one. Seamlessly moving from monologues to characters, the wide spread of the show helps to keep the momentum flowing and energy high.


Whether dressed as as a Rudolph running through the audience or pulling Christmas crackers with the first few rows, the show is always grounded by Guy’s unique energy. Hitting all the expected marks, Guy tackles the obvious with a eyed aggression that feels both earnest and terrifying. His continuing turnings of tropes let the audience bask in the cheesy nature of the humour, but are taken to such extremes that the idea of Christmas almost feels new.


Watching ‘Guy MontgoMerry Christmas’ is like watching someone who’s just been in a car accident and instead of having his injuries treated, has been taken aside and asked to describe what the yule-tide season means to him. Mania is high. The intensity is palpable. This intensity also creates a vulnerability that makes the audience interaction a lot more swallowable than it might usually be. If you’re feeling brave, sit in the first couple of rows, you’ll have a good time.


For the weak-hearted, this all might be a bit much. But for the special some - me included - this highly interactive and confronting performance is a must.


Guy's gigging at the Montecristo, as part of the NZ International Comedy Fest, 3rd - 14th May


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