Heroes For Sale debut two new singles : : Fresh Tracks

Heroes For Sale returned to the fore this weekend, releasing two songs with visual accompaniments. Things have been quiet with this band for a while, so it’s particularly heartening to find the first two songs from their long awaited debut album reaching the heights that they do.


‘Meat Sweats’ is a blast of noise, everything about this song wails from start to end. Heroes for Sale have built a reputation out of their manic live shows, the energy has been strongly converted here and works as a perfect introduction to the band.



Following on with the same immediate attention to noise, ‘Smoke and Dry’ perfectly encapsulates a feeling of anxiety. The song builds into a dense and invigorating wall of sound, before dropping off to offer some catharsis.



With any luck, a full length should be dropping soon, and I genuinely can’t wait to see what songs are harboured there.

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