How Good is Good? Listen to Baro

The Australian rap scene has been a bit of a struggle since its birth, with very few Aussie rappers making it to the international scene, let alone finding critical acclaim (the pop-rap of Iggy Azalea here would be the exception). When you find that rare, talented Aussie rapper, you then have to get over the distinctly higher-pitched accent that is very easy to pick (don’t listen to Aussie rap with headphones in, unless you get off on having headaches).

Young Aussie 17 year-old has come along and is looking to change the Aussie rap game entirely. Baro, remember the name. Baro (not to be mistaken with the South Korean Idol) dropped his first mixtape earlier this year titled ‘HOWGOODISGOOD?’, the answer to that question is very fucking good.

This mixtape is full of beautiful, complex, jazzy beats; plenty of wit; some great guest features from ‘bedroom rappers’ and the smoothest flow I've ever known to come out of the great desert that is Australia. The album reflects the life of a standard Aussie teenager with a hidden talent. His lyrics and his personal Bandcamp description illustrate a hip-hop purist whose only concerns in life, at the moment, are drinking, women, drugs and making beautiful music. He is a breath of fresh air for the Australian hip hop scene and his presence reminds me, slightly, of the same effect that Homebrew’s iconic album had on Kiwi Hip Hop.

You can get ‘HOWGOODISGOOD?’ on a free download off Baro’s Bandcamp page, his instructions state, "I made most of this shit in my bedroom. just a collection of songs that make you feel stuff. enjoy. Oh and just enter $0 in the buy now section if you broke BOY”. For the record, the fact that this mixtape was made in a bedroom is nigh on unbelievable as the production quality is as clean as any major studio album. It must have taken him a long time. This is beautiful music.

Listen to Baro.


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