Introducing: Kyan

Hip-hop, in my opinion, is not specific to rap. In fact, I believe rap is another sub-genre to the hip-hop facet of life. Other sub-genres to the hip-hop category include R&B and, another favorite of mine, Soul. The Soul genre is a genre that just wont lie down and die, constantly rebirthing itself with new, daring and cutting edge artists like Frank Ocean. If you like Frank Ocean, then you should make it your business to listen to one of the UK’s freshest new Soul artists; Kyan.

Kyan Kuatois hails from Cambridge in England and has been making music in his bedroom since 2000. However, his first release didn’t come until 2011 with his mix tape Conversations being released from his bedroom studio. Despite this mix tape being released in 2011, Kyan remained quite for 3 years before deciding he was going to blow everyone away in 2014.

The Purple Experiment EP and Days in a Triangle EP were both released in the last 4 months and its safe to say Kyan is finally coming up to the accolades he deserves. His deep, emotional beats act as a vessel to a voice that is soft and powerful, intimate and capturing. His music is completely self-produced; seriously, this guy has a musical brain like no other, bringing the elements of old-school vocals together with a beat that is modern and fresh using his own ghostly backing vocals to add a sense divinity to his songs. Kyan has been confirmed as supporting act for UK band London Grammar on there sold out UK tour.

An idealist and a hopeless romantic, Kyan sings about love, loss and freedom from his own unique perspective. He fears the love, glorifies the predictability of the loss and issues a cry for freedom from all the constraints of Human emotion. If you enjoy Frank Ocean, London Grammar, Jhene Aiko or you just have time to kill and want to try something new, go to SoundCloud and listen to Kyans EP’s. I feel they’ll be worth your time.

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