Jake Feast : : Search for Clarity

Clad in overalls and a Mickey Mouse jumper, Jacob Feast holds more power in a paint brush than he’s aware of. When we meet it’s three weeks until Jacob shows his first exhibition ‘Search for Clarity’ at Olly. This collection of resin art is a milestone in an otherwise chaotic relationship with art.

This is my look behind the closed doors of a young and intriguing artist.

When I visit Jacob’s studio he’s putting the finishing touches on a piece, gesturing towards his new studio he laughs, “I had to move because there just wasn't enough space for all of my art in the other studio.” We chat briefly but once he starts painting I am merely a shadow in his own private universe.

This is Jacob Feast, an artist feeding off his friends and thriving on pure passion.

Jacob got into his art when he was kicked out of all other classes in high school. He then realised that this could be bigger than 6th period on a Thursday afternoon. This could be a real future doused in resin and articulated with watercolour.

Recently Jacob moved into a studio beneath his friends flat. He’s turned it into his vista; a paradise for the emotionally charged and wildly creative artist he has become. This is where Jacob spends his weekends. While friends circulate the studio he stays focused, keeping a close eye on the way the resin moves and a steady stance in a cluttered studio.

Monogamy has never been Jacob’s thing, he’s constantly flirting with different mediums. When I asked which was his favourite he seemed conflicted, “abstract is my favourite but I’ve fallen in love with resin.” Hard to decide when each seems to be hanging off a different heart string.

Jacob is nonchalant. He’s painting “as a type of meditation.” Whether people like it; well that’s an afterthought. There’s some of Jacob’s paintings that might never go public, some with too much nostalgia attached to them. But at Olly in the month of March you’ll get an unprecedented look into the life of an emerging artist in Auckland.

“Search for Clarity” will be a collection of Jacobs resin art inspired by landscapes and aerial shots. Along side it will be his first collaboration with Afterdark surfboards - they’ve made a fully functional, resin printed surfboard.

Essentially, this is his debut into the art world and it sounds like his friends will support it from the hanging to the packing down. But it’s you he’s looking at, with his dark almond eyes from behind that curly mop of hair, the newcomers. He’s interested in being a part of the upheaval of the Auckland art scene.

“It’s going somewhere big and unheard of and that’s what I want to be a part of.”

Welcome to a catalyst in a city wide turnover. He’s moving fast; blink and you’ll miss it.

“Search for Clarity” will be showing in Olly throughout the month of April from the 10th, opening night is on the 12th April. 

Check him out on his website and IG.



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