James Roque's 'Paper, Scissors, Roque'

In Short: An engaging, likeable young comedian delivers lots of laughs.


James Roque is another very likeable young kiwi comic - and there are quite a few around, meaning those new to the scene pretty quickly sink or swim. Roque's swimming.

He delivers an engaging, funny show full of wise advice about the things he has learned in the year since turning professional. As you would expect, it's been full of ups and downs.

The set is not sophisticated: a blanket serves as a projection screen for a powerpoint presentation. The idea of the show is not revolutionary, but as a Philippino kiwi Roque delivers his own fresh perspective on life through his performance, which although occasionally a bit unpolished, is full of wit and heart.

He also keeps it fresh with regard the latest fashion for beards, "White men, they all look the same."  His material covers family, dating, rapping, and making it clear that, despite all the evidence, he isn’t gay. He also does a great rap.

Roque's show is positive, life-affirming, and makes you pretty glad to be living in Auckland at the moment.

Paper, Scissors, Roque

Basement Theatre (Studio)

2nd  - 9th May

NZ International Comedy Festival


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