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What better way to finish a dreary Monday than by heading along to Jimeoin – Yeehaa!! at Skycity Theatre? I had never come across this comedian before, but my plus-one was a real fan, so I was going in with high expectations that he would chase my early-week blues away. I was not disappointed.


Turns out that Jimeoin (pronounced Jim-Owen for those who were butchering his name as badly as I was) is a true veteran of the comedy stage. Born in Ireland, and residing in Australia (for his sins no doubt), he has been plying his trade as a comedian for over 20 years.


That wealth of experience showed. I don’t know if you can blame the first night gig, or the theatre being only partly full, or it simply being a Monday, but the atmosphere admittedly kicked off initially as being a little flat. Jimeoin himself was obviously not bothered in the slightest, entirely comfortable weaving around aimlessly on stage, giggling, doing his thing. You get the impression he’s seen every kind of audience there is.


At first you might be forgiven for thinking he doesn’t really care too much, seeming to casually test out new jokes, “You’ve got no idea where I’m going with this, do you?” But as the show went on, you begin to realise that this is just his act. Jimeoin is that man relaxing on a bench in the sun, totally at ease with a pint in hand, watching the world go by and giggling at the absurdities it offers.


This shows in the sort of humour Jimeoin peddles: a wry, observational style. He’ll mimic an everyday chore, like making a cup of tea, and have you rolling out of your seat with laughter because you recognise every little oddity that he exaggerates. How many times have you made a cup of tea only to forget all about it??
He also creates comedy as much with his face and eyebrows as he does speaking. A highlight was the depiction of an entire silent conversation with his wife only by making faces. Not a word needed to be spoken - the audience knew exactly what type of husband-wife communication had just gone down.


A single cautionary note – his hilarious real-world commentary is all carried out on in a raspy irish brogue that is wonderful to hear but occasionally borders on mumbly. I wouldn’t suggest that my Mum go see this gig – she is not a native English speaker and I know she’d struggle to pick everything up. It would be Mum missing out though, because the humour is top-notch.


Jimeon played AK and WLG 2nd - 7th May.

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