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Being in the vicinity of New York tends to aid young creative minds with rare opportunities as long as you show off your expertise. With that said, I’d like to introduce you to Jon Bellion; a rapper/songwriter and producer representing Long Island, New York. Jon has had the honour of co-writing the second hit single from Eminem’s latest project, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, titled “The Monster”, featuring Rihanna. Eminem being renowned for what he does, whomever he collaborates with has always had high work ethic, and thus success, such as Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Nate Dog, D12, Proof, Rihanna and the list goes on. What makes a 22 year-old kid, whom pop-culture has missed, be noticed by Eminem? It’s all thanks to his originality in lyrical and production ability.

The story starts from back when Jon was just 14 years-old, a producer who later got sick of getting asked to make generic beats, and lead to him giving rapping a try. This act made out of frustration took a massive turn in his career a path, which led him from being a producer to a musical genius. And that is not an overstatement.

Since 2011, Jon has been working on his own set of projects that he produced and wrote himself. His work flow is unimaginable – it’s almost as if his body language and the music production process is one entity; therefore being an inevitable inspirational to other budding musicians. With that said, I urge any musicians (or the like) to check out this video to see exactly what I’m referring to.

Working under the Visionary Music Group (VMG) management, the same group that got Logic signed to Def Jam Music Group, there is no doubt  that all artists pumped out of VMG are bound for success… for all the right reasons, of course! Check out his latest project titled “The Separation”. What I gathered from this project name was that he, as an artist, is differentiating from the foundation of generic music and compiling his own pedestalwhere he can deviate into any genre he chooses. The combination of instruments ranging from the modern age to the 1980’s, is how Jon creates this euphoria, and thus ‘the separation’.

In a nut shell, Jon Bellion should be heard by every living soul for he is a musical genius. He proves that forward-thinking musicians, like himself and Logic, are what we need in this era; as recycled material is not a necessity anymore. To hell with uncreative music, I say! Download his latest work and be a better music fanatic at

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