Joseph Moore's A Dad! : : Comedy Fest

The bad boy of New Zealand comedy is back! Well, sort of… Joseph Moore is in a period of transition. This party-boy turned show-man is trying to calm things down in his hilarious new show, ‘So… I’m a Dad’.


You have to give Joseph Moore some props for giving it a go. Not many comedians would make a show out of dad jokes. Usually reserved for the ass-end of a Sunday roast, those witty, father-like observations only seem to get belly laughs after a few too many opened bottles of wine (in my personal experience, usually courtesy of mum). Digging himself a little too deep to be able to turn back, Joseph Moore has decided to create a career out his newborn (who definitely exists).


The show begins with a monologue of Joseph's routine now that he’s a father. These witty observations make the best of the tongue-in-cheek material, and bring a warmness to the performance. Props also make ready appearances in both the front and the back-end of the show. Audience interaction seems to be taking a front row seat at the NZICF, but this is by far the most enjoyable engagement I’ve had with a comedian thus-far; they're not designed solely to create laughs through uncomfortable moments, but are segments of the show which feel natural and fitting.




The depth Moore gives himself to this performance lends the show some necessary momentum to carry the humour through. From his ‘Foo Fighters’ t-shirt, to the overwhelmed inflection in his voice, for all intent and purposes we are seeing a father on stage. Around the halfway mark things begin to unwind in Joseph's life. Thanks to financial pressures of raising a child, money is borrowed and a few more guns than expected start to appear.


The commitment to the part carries the show from stand-up to action-comedy seamlessly. The jokes are still kept at a steady pace and because of a wise decision to separate the two sections, the intensity never becomes tiring. The small quips at the start of the show begin to pop up more and more later in the performance, meaning the comedy is especially enjoyable for those who pay attention. These clever motifs that are subtly put into place make the ending of the show feel earned.


Joseph Moore through all his trial and errors is not a dad to be taken lightly, demonstrated in this excellent hour of comedy. ‘So… I’m a Dad’ is well worth it’s time and not just for aspirational father figures.


Catch Joseph's show each night through til 14th May at The Basement.


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