Kendrick & J. Cole drop Black Friday fire : : Fresh Tracks

Having teased a joint project across their respective Twitter accounts for a while now, Kenrick Lamar and J. Cole dropped two unanticipated works of art this Black Friday. Playing with the cultural significance of the capitalist holiday, Kendrick's bars fall within the realm of the opulence and braggadocio of gangster rap, whilst J. Cole spits a tale of a darker psyche.



Gifting the songs for free consumption on a day reserved for encouraging ridiculous expenditure and debt-racking, the pair have made a statement, which Kendrick's self-conscious rap history would indicate is wholly intentional.


Psychoanalysis aside, sit back and enjoy the tunes, which you'll no doubt recognise for their backing beats; Kendrick raps over J. Cole’s “A Tale of 2 Citiez”, while Cole drops lays it all down on top of Kendrick’s “Alright".



Oh, and if you were doubting how ham those in the Northern Hemisphere go in the capitalist holiday of Black Friday, look no further than Jarvis Johnson, who took camping to a whole 'nother level.


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