Kids These Days – A Band That Should Not Have Split

Another seven-piece band, consisting of: a rapper, male/female vocals, trumpet, horn, saxophone, guitar and a bass player, like The Roots, Kids These Days shook up the core of multi-genre musical talent from Chicago, Illinois. The group took its genre from predecessors like The Roots – a band that infused funky soul production with contemplative lyricism – but being a young group of kids; they took their own approach to music by adding a hip-hop vibe. This truly made them a band to die for.

November 2009 would mark their triumph – the same year they were formed, the band was awarded first place at Congress Theater’s Next Big Thing competition. This led them to perform at South by Southwest, at Miwaukee’s Summerfest, also The Roots Picnic along side The Roots. In 2012, the band even performed on Conan O’Brien’s TV show, Conan. The same year, Kids These Days released their debit album, “Traphouse Rock”. Prior to this was their EP titled “Hard Times”.

Okay, time to deconstruct their creativity. The drummer is insane – his sets are soft spoken yet catchy. The fast hi-hats simmer really nice with all other instruments. The three jazz instruments complement the drums by letting the listener float into an abyss, where their music resides. The use of keys as well in some songs aids this process, too. In addition to this the combination of rap and soul lyricism makes the perfect concoction to rock your heads off to, or just relax to on a nice summer day. All in all, this is a band that should have never broken up…



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