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Auckland five piece vibe-masters LEISURE have surprise-dropped their brand new single ‘Nobody (feat. Goldlink)’ today. And my god, what a single it is. From the samples used, to the layers of vocals, every single component of the song has a purpose, every second is curated to the highest degree by the laid-back lads, and it shows. LEISURE experienced a taste of mainstream success in the middle of last year when their debut single ‘Got It Bad’ racked up 1.6million streams (and counting), and today they decided to treat their fan base to a brand new single with fellow Laneway-performer Goldlink.


As per, I’m going to briefly touch on the artwork. There was always something about the LEISURE artwork that caught my eye, something mysterious about it that drew me in. The artwork for their new drop stands out among the rest, with a more minimal approach to design using a pencil styled outline of a hand holding a wine glass, paying homage to the ‘Got It Bad’ artwork; the sketch outline style also throws back to Goldlinks' breakthrough 'And after that, we didn't talk,' album cover - amalgamating the style and content of the two. This, along with the neutral green background provides the perfect tone for the sounds to follow. I would almost describe it as…leisurely. Ha. Ha.



My first initial feelings towards the song were those of nostalgia. I felt this overwhelming sense of ‘80’s music when the vocal entered the soundscape, which is refreshing in a world full of music trying to be more modern than its predecessors. The song is warm to the ears, and provides a relaxed and content feeling, as if listening to this song is exactly what you’re supposed to be doing right now. Each sample is perfectly balanced amongst the others, and everything fits in. It's satisfying to listen to, knowing that everything has its place.


After the second chorus, the man of the hour comes into play. Goldlink enters, his silky voice bouncing over the track, but singing rather than rapping, his most known artform. Goldlink’s latest release, “And After That, We Didn’t Talk” was an incredible mix of interesting hip-hop and producing, and his influence fits perfectly into the new LEISURE track. The fact that the two artists are so different is the key to the songs success. They both breath life into the track that the other may not have had the air for, creating a unique and fresh sound.


So, hot off the press, go and support the boys in LEISURE with their new single. If you need another reason other than the fact that it’s a good song, they’re kiwis, and this is New Zealand music month after all.


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