Louie Knuxx – Not An Ordinary Rapper

The story of a rapper with a very atypical style of music. He doesn't ask for your sympathy, only that you listen up. Prior to the music grind, Louie was down a bad path. In 2003, having jail time under his belt, Louie’s thrust for success needed quenching. This led him to change scenery and to go north into the City of Sales.

Auckland seemed like the place for him, as his musical career slowing started to grow. Where there is success, there are downfalls. In 2005, the group he affiliated with musically took an inevitable hiatus, due to artists wanting to scheme their own project. Yet it seemed like a downfall, this was a turning point in this young rapper’s career.  Todd Williams aka Louie Knuxx since then been more alive in the Hip Hop scene. Affiliating with acts such as: Cyphanetick, Smash Proof, Tha Freestyle, Juse and Ethical gave New Zealand a taste of his melancholy story telling off of his album titled “Wasted Youth”.

His recent project “PGT/GRR” (Progressively Gangsta Thug/ Gentleman Romance Rap) is the one to really pay attention to – the aura it seeps out is unheard of and un-relatable to the rap/hip-hop culture, these days. The only similarity I could make to his music is Strange Music and Funk Volume collectives, yet its not a concrete comparison. From start to finish the album leaks out stories, connections, ideas from the experiences that he has been through.His stories/memories laid out through simple (yet thought provoking) lyricism is accompanied by the instrumentals that acts as the icing to the cake.

Beats provided by a well heard of producer, Jay Knight, mean that you are bound to hear some great tracks. With other producers, such as Mac Throw, Nick McLaren and BK Beats all portray instrumentals with echoes, synthesizers and specific collection of hi-hats and kicks that point towards a calm listening experience.

Progressively Gangsta Thug/ Gentleman Romance Rap is available on iTunes, or you can name your price and download it at http://louieknuxx.bandcamp.com/ 

We also did an interview with him that can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=by1siiaffCg

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