#MENSWEAR: Where should the big bucks go?

We can spend hours browsing from website to website, sifting through racks and racks but yet we still can’t really find what we want or if it is actually worth forking out that amount. We can often find ourselves impulse buying alternatives, thinking “it’s good enough”or “they basically look the same”, but is settling for something cheaper better than the real deal? Alternatively, does getting the best of the best really live up to expectations? According to the world’s rocketing debt, we all need to be better with our money and invest in items that are going to last or at least give us enough value. There’s no point spending a lot and leaving a hole in our wallet in order to get something half-ass.


For me the biggest, hands-down number-one department you should be forking out a sizeable sum of money on is footwear. No matter if you're male or female, you cannot deny the need and worth of a good shoe. For us gents spending anywhere an excess of $200+ on leather shoes is a bank account killer, but have you ever thought that those pair of shoes may last you up to three years with good care? That’s $600 worth for only $200, seems like you would be getting a pretty good return I’d say. Look at it this way: one pair of amazing leather shoes that cost you $200 which last for three years (still looking good during that time), or a pair of $50 shoes that are just below ‘okay’and last for around 6 months, requiring another $50 replacement after each of those 6 months - that’s $300 after those three years and you still aren’t wearing good shoes. Sometimes being frugal isn't smart.



Photo Cred: Loic Joachim from Les Fres Joachim

Another area I think everyone should put a lot of thought and considerable sum of money into is outerwear. I know this is quite broad, but I am mainly talking about coats, raincoats and blazers - these are the timeless items that will never go out of fashion and will look better with a little bit of wear and age. In winter you want to stay warm and dry, so you should get something that is actually waterproof – or real wool – which does mean more money out of your pocket initially, but you can wear it every other winter and it will definitely look and feel a lot better than a $100 coat made out of polyester. Again, if you want more bang for your buck go for something simply designed and either in the earth tones (brown, grey, green, tan) or the standard navy or black, doing this opens more doors to wearing it with other statement colours.

 z2Image Cred: Alessandro Squarzi photographed by Liam Goslett

I personally think that these two sections are probably the most important to invest in at the start of one’s adult life. One pair of great leather shoes could be worn to a wedding, a job interview, a night out and even casually - the saying "you get what you put in" comes to mind with money, but I believe it also applies to how much you actually wear items; the more you wear something, the better return you get. A jacket can complete a look or even add a little flair: you can be the judge of how and when you wear it, but make it either a point of difference or something that you actually need in order to keep warm or dry.


Some of us may still not be able to dish out the dollars but that’s what goals and saving-up are for. Be harsh on yourself and get what you really want or actually need, don’t get something that’ll fade, break or needs to be replaced in a small matter of time. Be cautious and be clever; read reviews, ask questions, know if sales are coming around - it's all about being smart with your purchases and fulfilling your wants and needs.


[Title Image Cred: Loic Joachim from Les Fres Joachim]

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