This week I set out to experience everyone’s favorite Mexican restaurant – Mexico. We all know exactly what a restaurant called Mexico means, three things that begin with the letter T: tacos, tortillas and tequila. That is exactly what they do and they do it in their own unique way.


Out of the big four Mexican restaurant franchises that operate in New Zealand, Mexico has the most stores, along with Mexicali. Mexico have clearly established themselves as the high-class Mexican joint with their prices being the most expensive when compared to the other Mexican restaurants but are they worth this premium? I think yes. All their dishes have specialist ingredients like coconut shavings, hazelnuts and a long list of various Mexican vegetables and spices that you and I have never heard of. These exquisite ingredients are not found on a $3 taco you would get at a generic Taco Tuesday special.


I was so captivated by the taste of the food I ended up getting an item off of each menu by the end of my lunch at Mexico. The food is really that good. My only complaint was the lack of food that was not spicy, anything that sounded appealing had a dreaded chili next to it and being someone who cannot eat spicy food that sign means game-over.  When asking about getting mild versions of particular items I was told that they still would be slightly spicy due to the marinade used in some dishes but they would hold off an ingredient called ‘magic powder.’ Now I am not one to deny something called ‘magic-powder’ but this time I had no option.


Mexico is a great restaurant for those special occasions, the whole place is decorated in amazing art and you really feel like you are really receiving an authentic Mexican dining and drinking experience. If the food is not enough they have over seventy tequilas! With seventy tequilas there has got to be one that doesn’t make you scrunch up your face in despair. Who are we kidding; you’re still going to crunch up your face and regret that shot.