Mondays Wholefoods

Mondays, named after everyone's least favourite day of the week, is located down a small driveway off New North road, Kingsland. Tucked away within the cluster of shops, and crawling with climbing wall plants, Mondays has a quaint calmness about it despite the lunchtime line out the door. It’s fair to say that this once hidden gem for health food lovers and vegans has now become, like any other good cafe in Auckland. Busy.



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It’s a good thing that Mondays itself has a relaxed and soothing atmosphere because that’s often hard to find among the bustling suburb following your scrap for a spare table. However squaring up in the courtyard outside proves a little chilly in these winter months.


Mondays is also on the pricey side but still a must for those of you who share a passion for 'real food' as the cafe is bursting with gluten free,  'sugar'-free and dairy free options. Mondays also does a range of coffee's with several milk substitutes such as soy milk, oat milk and to shake things up a bit - their house made cashew-nut milk. Whilst the flavour of cashew milk takes a while to get used to, it's definitely something new and interesting to try if you're looking for a new dairy alternative.



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Mondays is a must do if you share a passion for delicious wholesome treats, bright yellow retro coffee machines and cosy aesthetically pleasing spaces. They also have a bunch of cabinet food that you can take away if you aren't quite emotionally ready to deal with the wait for a table after spending 20 minutes trying to find a park that isn't illegal. Overall, definitely worth a visit, it’s a must do on the Kingsland café bucket list.


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